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Rev. Richard C. “Rich” Weaver
founder and President
Spiritual Revolution thru Christ, Inc.

Spiritual Revolution Thru Christ, Inc

13749 Sahara Lane
Victorville, CA 92394

Pro Athletes for a Spiritual Revolution

A ministry to All Star pro athletes in sports, a non-political ministry to national political leaders, and a national ministry of revival to the people.

Reach the Leaders – Reach the people

Rev. Rich Weaver has personally shared with six Presidents: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. He has also ministered individually to Supreme Court Justices, ambassadors, governors, and over half of the 100United States Senators.

Rev. Weaver’s ministry is directed to the needs of the individual. He does not take positions on political issues. His main concern is to reach “movers and shakers’ in pro sports, government, entertainment and the media.

Reach the Athlete – Reach the Youth

Rev. Weaver has ministered to half of the All Star professional athletes in football, basketball, and baseball. Many entertainers in the movie and television industry have also received Rev. Weaver’s personal ministry. Our youth internet magazine freakmag.com is soon to be produced as a national television program. Rev. Weaver’s previous ministries have taken him to many diverse groups. From campuses such as the University of California at Los Angeles and Berkeley, to prisons at Folsom and San Quentin.

Rev. Weaver is an author with Logos International, and has appeared on the 700 Club, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and the Daystar Network. The secular media covered Rev. Weaver extensively on inauguration Day 2001 when Rev. Weaver gave a message to President George W. Bush. “Your miracle election is to remind you to stand for Christ daily without political compromise. Keep Christ first and God will give you another miracle election in four years.” Rev. Weaver then presented President George W. Bush with a medallion that his father George Bush Sr. had given Rev. Weaver at their first meeting with him and his son George W. Bush. This meeting was on Sr. Bush’s inauguration day as Vice President in 1981.

In his college years he was student body vice president of Shasta College, and was voted the most likely to succeed in the area of leadership. He was the student chaplain to the student leaders of the junior colleges of California. He directed one of the fastest growing Youth for Christ programs in the nation. He received his B.A. degree in psychology from California State University at Sacramento. Rev. Weaver is married to Donna. They have two young adult children David and Cindy who are vice presidents of this ministry.

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